Singapore’s 1st Water Ionizer
with Hot & Cold Functions

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Real testimonials from customers


My family and I have been using Kemp Singapore’s water ionizer since 2011 and have been in good health. We recently upgraded to KempSmart iPro Hot & Cold system. It is now convenient for us to get hot water and cold alkaline water instantly, with the touch of a button.

Mdm CHONG Loke Foong
KempSmart iPro user since December 2018

I regularly suffered pain around my knee joints especially when I did exercises and walked long distances. A friend of mine told me the benefits of using Antioxidant alkaline water. About 6 to 8 weeks into this water, I discovered that most of the pain was gone. I believe Antioxidant alkaline water has been very beneficial to me.

James Wong
User since January 2000

I was recommended by my friend to Kemp Singapore as she has been using their water ionizer since 2004. I chose the KempSmart iPro due to its ease of use as we can get hot and cold water instantly. My kids have not been falling ill ever since we started drinking the alkaline water. I love it!

Ms Christina Lee
KempSmart iPro user since December 2018

All our staff enjoy the convenience of the hot, cold and ambient temperature selections and the quality and taste of water from the KempSmart iPro. More importantly, its innovative and sleek design makes it user friendly and space saving which suits our needs!

Ms J Goh
Associate Manager, Argon Medical Asia

Everything’s good! The installation was well done without hiccups and the unit has worked well so far! All the staff enjoy its convenience and the taste of water is nice. Personally I’ve enjoyed drinking the pH10 alkaline water of the KempSmart iPro.

Mr E Santos
Senior HR Executive, Trumpf Pte Ltd

Alkaline Ionized Water Improved my Gout & Reduced Chest Pains! After a few months of drinking the alkaline water, I discovered that my uric acid level dropped. After trying it for 1 year, I’ve recommended it to 3 of my good friends and colleague and I have bought 1 each for my parents and in-laws.

Mr Ng Kok Heng
User since May 2008

10 Levels of Water Selection for the Whole Family

Convenient & Easy to Use
Enjoy hot water for coffee and tea
Chilled water to refresh you on a hot day

An All New Experience
with SMART Technologies


ALL-IN-1 Instant Hot & Cold
Alkaline Hydrogen Water Dispenser iPro

The KempSmart iPro system is specially designed for your convenience as you enjoy instant access to hot, cold and room temperature water. Choose from alkaline hydrogen water for abundant antioxidants, acidic water for cleaning and filtered water for general purposes.
Equipped with innovative technology & 100% platinum titanium plates,this chic and compact system will meet all of your hydration needs.

Smart Cleaning

Smart Cleaning system ensures optimum performance

Slim & Tankless Design

For the modern kitchen with instant heating & cooling

Smart Energy Saving

Eco standby proximity sensor

Dual 6 Stage Filtration

up to 0.01 Micron removes heavy metals, fungi, bacteria & harmful chemicals

Smart Safety

Protects against overheating

Advanced Touch Panel

For easy selection & setting adjustment

Enjoy these benefits with

KempSmart iPro Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Benefits In KempSmart iPro Acidic Water

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