Benefits of Alkaline Water

Water – The Source of Life

With up to 70 % of the human body being made up of water, the quality of the water we drink has an undeniable impact on our well-being, affecting such factors such as hydration levels, internal body pH levels and even the level of antioxidants circulating in our bodies.

Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

Ionized alkaline water has been found to have beneficial effects on body’s acid-base homeostasis, and have high negative ORP levels, which loosely translates into water that have very high antioxidant activity, providing protective effects. Another benefit is the smaller micro clusters of ionized alkaline water molecules.

Technology of Alkaline Water Ionizer

All these benefits are known to us today, due to the result of a simple chemistry experiment. A brief history of alkaline ionized water. What happens when you pass normal water through a machine that applies electricity to two different metal plates? The water at the other end has suffered a gain or loss of electrons in the hydrogen molecules, and you get 2 different types of water, one stream alkaline for drinking and the other acidic for beauty and cleaning uses. The technology to produce alkaline ionized water has been around since 1931, and modern water ionizing machines are the result of the intensive research into alkaline ionized water performed during the 20th century.

Medical Device Certification

Water Ionizer produces Alkaline Ionized Water are medical device apparatus registered as a medical device in Japan and Korea. Kemp Water Ionizers are imported from Korea, tested, and certified by the Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety before export to Singapore for sales, and manufactured under Medical Device Certification ISO 13485.

The Goodness of Alkaline Ionized Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

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