Over 20 years satisfied customer

I have used Alphion Jupiter ionizer for the last 20 years. The machine served me very well. Filtered & alkaline waters were produced reliably. This old machine was still working. Because some external parts had deteriorated beyond repair, I decided to replace the machine from Kemp Singapore water Ionizer.

This newer Alphion Jupiter model has improved features that make it more user friendly. Based on my past experience with my previous Alphion Jupiter, I’m confident this machine will be just as robust & reliable if not more than my previous machine.

Esther Wong from the sales dept was very helpful & professional.
The technician Tomi Saw, did an excellent job in installing the water purifier.

~ Mrs Koh (Singapore) ~

Over 20 years satisfied customer

I have used Alphion Jupiter ionizer for the last 20 years. The machine served me very well. Filtered & alkaline waters were produced reliably. This old machine was still working. Because some external parts had deteriorated beyond repair, I decided to replace the machine from Kemp Singapore water Ionizer.

This newer Alphion Jupiter model has improved features that make it more user friendly. Based on my past experience with my previous Alphion Jupiter, I’m confident this machine will be just as robust & reliable if not more than my previous machine.

Esther Wong from the sales dept was very helpful & professional.
The technician Tomi Saw, did an excellent job in installing the water purifier.

~ Mrs Koh (Singapore) ~

Dear Kay,

Thank you very much for introducing the Mavello to me. I consider it one of the most important purchases I’ve made in my life!
I’ve been experimenting with our Mavello since we bought it July last year. Brushing my teeth with the acidic water cleared the smoking tar stains from my teeth (I’ve stopped smoking since) that my wife was pleasantly surprised how clear my teeth had become. Several times I got cut while opening cans and from DIY hobbies around the house and used the acid water directly from the Mavello’s acid water outlet to rinse the cuts. Each time the bleeding stopped almost immediately! I’m still surprised to see it work when I apply the acid water on my 4-year-old son’s cuts and bruises.
My son and very young daughter also used to occasionally suffer from various skin diseases – some of which used to be so serious we had to bring them to their paediatrician to be examined. We’ve found that bathing them with the acid water every now and then prevents these, so they have not suffered anything similar since then.

Even though my wife and I go through periodically very hectic and stressful schedules, we have not had the flu for the whole year since using Alkaline Antioxidant water. The efficacy of the water in ‘immunizing’ us becomes even more apparent when it appears virtually all our colleagues and clients are down with the flu bug while we are unaffected!

My wife was sceptical at first but now she admits that it does work. She pointed out that our son has also not fallen ill for a long time.

Occasionally I drink a lot (too much!) entertaining friends and clients. I used to suffer terrible hangovers the next day. Now I take two tall glasses of Alkaline Antioxidant water from the Mavello after a night of heavy drinking and know that the next day I will have only a slight or no hangover at all.

We now even bring a 2-litre bottle of Alkaline Antioxidant water with us when we go for trips overseas.

The machine has made a huge difference in improving our lives. Thanks very much!

~ Cheong Kean Siew (Singapore) ~

Dear Ivan,
It’s now a year since our ‘big’ 3-generation family of 14 (including the maid) has started using the Mavello and we have been experiencing the benefits of the alkaline ionized water. I can say that ‘Mavello’ saves us time, money and protect us!
Our youngest is 12 months old at time of purchase. He used to be the little ‘victim’ at home whenever any one of us brought back the flu or cough from workplace or school. It was so regular for him to be in KK Hospital to extract his phlegm. We feel sorry for him to suffer at this young age because of us passing the flu to him. Fortunately, after one year of using the alkaline ionized water, all this was gone! His immune system was stronger and though some others still gets the flu back home, they are well in a day or two after drinking more alkaline water and the flu does not pass on to this little one or another person.
Our other children ages 6, 7, 10, study better now and are not afraid of flu or ‘heatiness’ anymore. They know themselves that after eating more chocolates, biscuits, titbits etc, they would drink as much water as possible to prevent falling ill with sore throat. Otherwise, almost every 3 months they must visit a doctor for flu and sore throat.
Our eldest is a 77-year-old grandfather and a 70-year-old grandmother. We were fortunate that just 3 weeks ago, the doctor declared we were very fit. Though my mum and I were having high cholesterol, the last test results have shown tremendous changes and both of us was asked to have blood test in one year’s time and not every 3 months.


We told our maid to use the acidic water for showering and her body odour was gone!
These are only some changes that have occurred over a year, so one can just imagine the potential health benefits using this system over a lifetime, which we are looking forward to!
Thanks to Ivan, Esther and Kay for their support to us. We wish them all the best.


~ Nancy Chua (Singapore) ~

Hi Gary, would like to update you on some improvements that my family has seen, since using the Mavello water ionizer.
My family has been using the Mavello Alkaline Ionized Water Machine since May 2009 and since then we have discovered how it has benefitted each of the family members. We have been drinking about 2 litres of alkaline water daily and my high blood pressure has stabilized, and I am now off medication while my dad’s cholesterol level has dropped to a normal level in October 2009.
Since having the Mavello, we daily use the alkaline water to boil our soups and do our cooking and we notice that it certainly enhances the taste and at the same time increase the daily intake of the water.
Also, my daughter has serious eczema on both of her hands whereby the skin will peel off during an outbreak. We use acidic water from the Mavello machine to soak her hands daily for 20 mins, sometimes adding some earth salt. After 3 months, there is much improvement, and the skin stops peeling though the roughness remains. I guess if she continues to soak her hands, it will soon smooth out the skin.
We also use the acidic water to brush our teeth and gurgle which is effective in getting rid of bad breath. Now the whole family is enjoying the Mavello machine in every way we can!

~ Chang Kwek Hwa ~

I would like to record my thanks and say that I have truly benefited from using my JUPITER water ionizer.
My family and I have been users since 2006 and ever since then, I have experienced remarkable benefits!
One significant improvement that I have seen is in my health and stamina. Previously, due to my hectic work schedule and commitments, I was under a lot of stress which resulted in recurring bouts of flu, cough, and fever. Not to mention, I always felt tired and fatigued. However, after consuming alkaline ionized water, I noticed that my health has seen dramatic improvements. I rarely see the doctors these days and, I notice that I recover faster after a tiring day at work. In fact, I realised that I’m up and ready to go about my next day when it begins!
Also, I’ve seen how my family has benefited. My son and daughter, 12 and 11 in age claim that they won’t drink any other type of water. Their mental alertness and fortitude has also seen improvement since they started drinking alkaline ionized water 4 years ago, which aids them in their studies and co-curricular activities. My eldest son, 13 has benefited from using acidic water as well! There were a few occasions when he suffered from terrible stomach-aches and after consuming a glass of acidic water, his condition improved dramatically, and he didn’t even need to see a doctor for it.
Many of my friends often ask me, how I keep myself looking so young and full of energy all the time? My secret is simple, drink Jupiter Alkaline ionized water. It has abundant antioxidants and full of minerals!


~ Christie Wong, User since 2006 ~

“Replacing my reverse osmosis water purifier with a Jupiter Ionizer four months ago has been one of the best investments in my health that I have made. I used to wake up with a puffy face, which would take 2-3 hours to go away. I no longer have this problem. My eyes are clearer and brighter, my skin finer in texture, and I sleep soundly at night, no longer waking up with insomnia.
I now have the kind of energy which gets me through a very stressful job, in which I often do not have the time for a break, often working 9-10 hours straight.
It is true that this water is not ‘heavy’ on the stomach; I’m able to drink without difficulty. Since changing my drinking water, I have also lost about 3 kg. and this being during a period where I reduced the amount of exercise I was doing! When I work out with weights, and drink up to a Liter, my recovery is impressive – I no longer suffer the kinds of aches previously felt.”


~ Macushla Boyle, St. Lucia (Oversea) ~

“Our family has been using the Jupiter Water Ionizer for the past two weeks and we have noticed quite a change in all of us.
Our youngest is 16 months old, has had more energy throughout the day; which, to our favour, has been sleeping better through the night. When she gets thirsty, she picks up her cup and points to the water cooler. However, I would advise parents who breast feed to take into consideration that your child is consuming more water than we realize.
On the other hand, the three adults in the family have had some changes also, to say the least! We have become more regular in our bowel movement. Our bodies have been releasing toxins through flatulating and through excessive urination.
We have also been using the acid water, which has cleared up dandruff. It has also helped with uncontrollable hair frizz and has made hair feel like silk. These are, however, minor to someone who has been using this system for some time.
These are only some changes that have occurred over a two-week period, so one can just imagine the potential health benefits using this system over a lifetime, which we are definitely looking forward to.”


~ K & D Peters, Edmonton (Canada) ~

I used to have very frequent (almost daily) and serious flatulence especially after my meals. Though flatulence does not pose any health risk, it is extremely uncomfortable and could affect one’s quality of life. I shared with my doctor about my condition, and he said there is nothing much that could be done except to take digestive enzymes to help in my digestion and acidity pills to help in relieving my acidity. Initially, taking the digestive enzymes and acidity pills helped, however, later for some reasons, even by taking all these pills – that did not help. I felt very frustrated and “lost”. I shared with my friends and one of them, asked me to try drinking alkaline water.
I was quite sceptical – as to whether by drinking alkaline water helps in relieving my flatulence and acidity. The cost of getting a water ionizer was also one of my concerns. I hesitated and spent many weeks reading about the research on alkaline water and its benefits from the internet.
My flatulence was getting worst, so I finally decided to try. I started to surf the Internet and came across Kemp Trading who has been selling water ionizers since 1988. I made a trip to Kemp Trading and I was introduced to the Jupiter Alphion JP-109. Since then, I have been drinking alkaline water daily and gradually my flatulence and stomach acidity have improved. I no longer have frequent flatulence and even if it happens, it is relatively mild. I started to drink plenty of fresh alkaline water (direct from the machine instead of from the container where I stored my alkaline water) and my flatulence is gone.
Besides relieving my flatulence and stomach acidity, alkaline water has helped in boosting my immunity and I do not have to take cold tablets to relieve the symptoms of my coming colds/flu. Nowadays I also do not feel as tired as I used to be especially after work. I believe this is due to me drinking the alkaline water.
I encourage those who are suffering from stomach flatulence and acidity and who feel bloated especially after meals, to consider investing in a water ionizer and start drinking alkaline water daily. It helps – believe me!


~ Hannah Foong, User since 2009 ~

My husband experienced gout attacked a year ago. After hearing a friend telling me that Alkaline Water is the best medicine for gout, I was quite sceptical. Nevertheless, I did some research myself through the internet and books, I get to know that alkaline water can help to restore pH balance of the body and effective in reducing uric acid level. Therefore, we decided to invest one. After comparing the pricing and features from a few companies, we finally settle for Jupiter Dephi under-sink from Kemp Trading. Besides for the proven technology, I was attracted by its stylish design (as no bulky processor at sight).
After drinking Alkaline Ionized Water for 3 months, my husband was free from gout and no longer depends on medication. As for myself, beside relief from the hassle of boiling water, I was pleasantly surprised by the hydration level of the alkaline water my body experienced. I am no longer troubled by the dry lips and flaky skin I used to get and of cos it also saved me quite a fair bit on expensive skin moisturizers.


~ From Mr. and Mrs. Sum, customer since 2009 (Singapore) ~

I’ve been suffering from gout since 2001 and the attacks were getting worst by the year, occurring from 6 month to every 2 weeks in recent years.
My uric acid level has been high of around 9 as I do not control my diet. My wife was getting really worried about my condition and started reading from the internet and suggested trying out the alkaline water after reading testimonies from other sufferers.
We bought a Mavello alkaline water unit in May 2008 from Kemp Trading at International Plaza and I would say their service including the installation guy especially, has been very good.

After a few months of drinking the alkaline water, I discovered that my uric acid level dropped (as I do regular check-ups) although it did not go below the normal level, the recurrence of attacks has significantly reduced to a few months.

There are also other beneficial effects that I have enjoyed, such as: I can do longer distance jogging without stopping and also the chest pain that I usually suffer from if I don t run regularly has never appeared since then.

My family including my wife, 3 children aged 1, 5 and 12 years old have also been taking the alkaline water.

After trying it for 1 year, I ve recommended it to 3 of my good friends and colleague and I have bought 1 each for my parents and in laws.

Thanks to KEMP TRADING and Alkaline water!



My daughter came home from a trip in the U.S. and told me to find out more about the alkaline ionic water processor which gives pollutants free water yet has all its minerals unlike the distilled water. I began to read up on the goodness of alkaline ionic water, the different kinds of water filters and processors and the types of water they produce.

Through my sister-in-law, Grace, I came to know about Kay and Kemp Trading. I bought the processor from her Company.
In the first few months of drinking this water, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not experience any gout attacks, even minor ones. I don’t know when I started to have gout till about 4 years ago. I had my first severe gout attack. I began to experience more and more frequent attacks till in 1998 when just eating a piece of bean curd or drinking a small bowl of meat soup would give me a very painful gout attack. I needed 5 full doses of injections to relieve the pain.

Now, it is more than a year since I started drinking the water and I have not had a single gout attack.

Finally, and it would not be fair if I do not mention here about the comments made by my husband and my friends that the dark patches of pigmentation on my face have shrinkage and lightened tremendously.

I hope you are encouraged by my testimony and start trying for yourselves if you have the same problem.



~ Mrs. Ann M E Lee, a retired teacher, 16th May 2001 ~

My family wanted to get a water ionizer for the improvement of our overall health. We heard about alkaline ionized water through a Kangen water presentation, but machine was very expensive. My daughter found Kemp Singapore through an internet search, and we decided to purchase the Kemp Smart i7 water ionizer after viewing a demo at their showroom at International Plaza.
My husband has a few health issues such a high cholesterol, high blood pressure and gout. He would experience gout pains after eating nuts and it would be very uncomfortable for him.
Now, he drinks at least 1.5 Liter of alkaline ionized water a day. To his surprise and joy, he realized that there was no more tingling sensation even after he ate 7-8 almonds. In the past, he will experience the tingling effect due to his gout issue and now thanks to alkaline hydrogen water from the Kemp smart i7 system, his gout has improved tremendously!

As for me, the doctor told me that my liver is in a very bad condition and i can die anytime without knowing. Now after drinking alkaline hydrogen water, I went back for check-up in August 2017 and my doctor was very surprised to discover that my liver condition is now very good! I need to visit the doctor half-yearly but now, as my liver condition is better, I only need to visit the doctor once a year! Many thanks to the Kemp Smart i7 water ionizer!


~ Ms Yvonne Khoo, 14 June 2018 ~

My name is Jack Ong. I am 64 years old now. My daughter introduced me to MAVELLO antioxidant alkaline water. She said that it would help to improve my health and so 2 years ago, she bought me a unit of MAVELLO water ionizer.

In the beginning before I went on the alkaline water, my blood pressure was 150+. After taking the alkaline water my blood pressure dropped to a comfortable level around 130. Initially, I was on medication, but the blood pressure did not fall as fast.
Since going on alkaline water, I noticed it helped my blood pressure to drop faster and maintain at a stable rate of over a year. The good results came within 2 months of taking this water regularly. My health is okay now. My blood pressure is still under control although it has crept up a little, but it is well below 150. Maybe of late, I have not been taking as much of the alkaline water as I should. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I remain quite energetic, my cholesterol level is under control and generally my health is okay.
Yes, people are more concerned about their health these days and increasing cases of high blood pressure is on the rise in Singapore. As the water has help improved my health, I will gladly recommend the MAVELLO antioxidant water ionizer to my friends and relatives.


~ From Mr. Jack Ong, a Retired Businessman (Singapore) ~

This is my testimony on the alkaline ionized water, hope it helps you and others one way or another.

I have chronic eczema since young however it was especially bad in the last quarter of 2008 because of late-nights and stress. My eczema was so bad during those months that I had to be hospitalised immediately after my university examination. After reading numerous health books and upon the recommendation from my friend who also has eczema, I decided to purchase an alkaline water ionizer (Mavello JP101 DX). Though the effect of the water ionizer was not immediate, it did help to improve my intake of water drastically and somehow my internal system did feel “cleaner”. A few months after drinking the alkaline water, my skin inflammation was a lot less red and swollen.
Meanwhile, I used the acidic water to bathe as a substitute for the hard water which flows from our normal tap. Hard water contains a high mineral content which can be very drying to the skin. As an eczema patient, my skin is naturally very dry thus the acidic water which is soft and of lesser mineral content would make a make a better option for using. Also, our normal tap water contains chlorine and other minerals for antimicrobial property to allow for immediate drinking. Like preservative, I believe this mineral content is precisely the stuff we should limit our intake. The alkaline water ionizer helps to ionize the water and filter out these harmful minerals. While the quantity of water intake is important, the quality of the water is also of paramount importance.
My eczema is now much under control and my health is so much better. While I did make other improvements to my lifestyle, drinking alkaline ionized water is one such improvement.

~ Michelle Poh, User since 2008~

Scientifically, testimonies are often regarded as stories from a human angle and may not be as quantitative as scientific studies and experiments.

It does however demonstrate that people have experienced the tangible benefits of alkaline ionized water sufficiently to express their gratitude and experiences to others in hope that others may benefit from their stories.