Relieving Flatulence and Hyper Acidity

I used to have very frequent (almost daily) and serious flatulence especially after my meals. Though flatulence does not pose any health risk, it is extremely uncomfortable and could affect one’s quality of life. I shared with my doctor about my condition and he said there is nothing much that could be done except to take digestive enzymes to help in my digestion and acidity pills to help in relieving my acidity. Initially, taking the digestive enzymes and acidity pills helped, however, later for some reasons, even by taking all these pills – that did not help. I felt very frustrated and “lost”. I shared with my friends and one of them, asked me to try drinking alkaline water.

I was quite skeptical – as to whether by drinking alkaline water helps in relieving my flatulence and acidity. The cost of getting a water ionizer was also one of my concerns. I hesitated and spent many weeks reading about the research on alkaline water and its benefits from the internets.

My flatulence was getting worst so I finally decided to try. I started to surf the Internet and came across Kemp Trading who has been selling water ionizers since 1988. I made a trip to Kemp Trading and I was introduced to the Jupiter Alphion JP-109. Since then, I have been drinking alkaline water daily and gradually my flatulence and stomach acidity have improved. I no longer have frequent flatulence and even if it happens, it is relatively mild. I started to drink plenty of fresh alkaline water (direct from the machine instead of from the container where I stored my alkaline water) and my flatulence is gone.

Besides relieving my flatulence and stomach acidity, alkaline water have helped in boosting my immunity and I do not have to take cold tablets to relieve the symptoms of my coming colds/flu. Nowadays I also do not feel as tired as I used to be especially after work. I believe this is due to me drinking the alkaline water.

I encourage those who are suffering from stomach flatulence and acidity and who feel bloated especially after meals, to consider investing in a water ionizer and start drinking alkaline water daily. It helps – believe me!

~ Hannah Foong, User since 2009 ~