Recovery from Hyperacidity and Inflammed Duodenum

About l ½ years ago, I went to see a gastric specialist. For a long time I had gastric disorder. I took a lot of antacid and charcoal pills. Prior to seeing the specialist I was taking these medications everyday because I was feeling great discomfort. In fact, it was so bad that I even dreaded sleeping at night as there would be this extreme discomfort near my chest and sometimes there is a kind of funny bubbly feeling so closed to my heart.

At that time, I thought it was a heart condition. I went to see a specialist. They did an endoscopy and they told me it was hyperacidity and some inflammation of the duodenum. I was put on medication. The condition cleared for about 3 months and thereafter the discomfort returned. Somehow, subsequent medications did not work as well as before.

Sometime around Sept/Oct 2001, my sister-in-law bought a unit of MAVELLO antioxidant water ionizer. She told me about some of its qualities: being antioxidant and alkaline in nature. One day, I was at their home and I took a glass of this water. And perhaps because of my heightened sensitivity, I could actually sense a difference ¨C I felt somewhat more comfortable.

From that time onward, I took this water regularly over the course of 2 to 3 months. And every week as I took it, I would feel better. Sometime at the end of December, I decided to test out and see how things would go. I then stopped for a while and wonderfully, all the symptoms and pains never came back. I did not take any medication from that time onwards. I was able to sleep well. In fact, prior to that, I had difficulty taking things like coffee and tea. I understand now that it was due to pH imbalance and I would feel very uncomfortable. But now, I could drink my coffee and tea in moderation.

Personally, I am interested in natural healing and health supplements and stuffs like that. I have been reading a lot on antioxidants and the nature of alkaline ionic water ¨C how the smaller clusters are more easily absorbed. People often say, ‘you are what you eat’. Actually, a great truth may be, ‘You are what your body can absorb’. The MAVELLO antioxidant alkaline water has certainly made a difference to me. In fact, I have recommended to somebody who I think may benefit from it.

~ A Naturopath's Experience with Ionized water and dark Field Microscopy
Sue Pollock, N.D. is the principal of Ballina Naturopathy ~