Medical Studies

Clinical Research and Trials on Alkaline Ionized Water

Since the endorsement of Alkaline ionized water by the ministry of health and welfare in Japan since 1966, there has been numerous research and studies conducted both in the Eastern and Western medical and research fraternities. Here we have consolidated a few of these studies and research that have shown and proven that alkaline ionized water is indeed useful enough to be used in a medical setting.

The experiments on humans by Dr Hayashi started in 1954 took much more time but it proved to be a great success. Through these experiments, the doctors collected much valuable information and they concluded that alkaline ionized water was non-toxic and the properties helped to overcome the symptoms of adult diseases.

As the trend continues throughout the globe, more doctors, researchers and specialists are becoming increasingly receptive and accepting towards alkaline ionized water as an alternative and complementary form of treatment as the evidence on alkaline ionized water’s efficacy grows by the day!

Medical and Clinical Reports