Alkaline Ionized & Hydrogen Water Ionizer

Mavello Z is a Water Filter & Ionizer. It purifies water and ionizes it through the electrolysis chamber by removing acidic mineral salts and enhancing it with beneficial Alkaline Ionized minerals and hydrogen for drinking and Acidic Ionized Water for beauty and cleaning uses.

Alkalinity of the ionized alkaline water is contributed by concentration of alkaline mineral ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+ and acidic water is due to concentration of acidic mineral ions such as Cl, SO₄2-, PO₄3- from the water source. Nothing is added.

NOW  $2388 W/GST

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Reputation Forged in Quality and Dependability

Mavello ionizers are the amongst the longest and best selling water ionizers in the market with over 2 decades of use by thousands of end users, companies, clinics and even award winning restaurants. Coupling simplistic designs with durable components made in Japan, Mavello water ionizers are known to produce quality alkaline ionized water with excellent antioxidants and hydrogen values, while keeping things simple and fuss free!

Staying with the Times and Staying with You!

Over the years, Mavello users have voiced their desire to see improvements and the latest Mavello Z boasts a number of interface and feature improvements including an inbuilt water flux control dial, a streamlined electronic diagnostic and digital (ED2) display panel, a post cleaning program to save water and time and most importantly, an enhanced watercell technology to boost the ionized water output to a maximum of 5 levels of alkaline water for an optimised water quality.

Mavello water ionizers – Generating healthy drinking water for generations!

Rust-Free Electrode Plate

Kemp water ionizer electrode plate has always been and will always be rust free guaranteed. Kemp Water Ionizer electrode plate is tested and certified by PSB TUV Singapore that the base plate is Titanium, coated with platinum. This is to ensure optimum ionization performance and will not rust. That’s why our water cell plates are guaranteed for life not to rust.

Rust-Free Electrode Plate – Tested by PSB TUV Singapore 

All Kemp water cell plates have always been, and will always be rust free guaranteed. Kemp Singapore water cell plates are certified 100% titanium coated with platinum to ensure ionization performance and will never rust. That’s why our water cell plates are guaranteed for life not to rust.

The Goodness of Alkaline Ionized Water

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Alkaline Ionized & Hydrogen Water