Benefits on the Go!

Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water

Through years of research, we have succeeded in formulating the ingredients which will provide this “Miracle Water” to you at your home or while on the go. MavelloAlkalizer stick comes with an easy and conveniently packed casing. Soak the stick in a bottle of tap water or bottled mineral bottle (500CC or 1000CC), for 20 to 30 minutes. The stick will activate the water whereby free chlorine will be eliminated, the oxidizing water will be converted into reducing water with negative ORP between -100mV to – 200mV (varying with soaking time) and with a pH 8 to 9 which is similar to Lourdes Spring Water!

In short, the health benefit of IAHRM (active Hydrogen) is to reduce those dangerous Free Radicals (O, OH, H202) to water molecules (H2O) which are excreted out in the human wastes such as urine and sweat. Free Radicals are believed to cause many human diseases such as heart related problems, gout, diabetes, cancer and aging.

Normal tap water or mineral water is highly oxidizing with ORP (Oxidant Reduction Potential) of +300 mV to +600mV and with a pH of 6.5 to 8. Oxidizing water is not healthy. With its revolutionary and advanced formulation similar to that of Lourdes Spring water, MavelloAlkalizer can readily convert ordinary oxidizing water into reducing water with negative ORP between -100mV to -200mV. MavelloAlkalizer stick has been awarded 2012 “Innovative Product” in Japan, and it is most probably the best selling alkaline water sticks in Japan.

MavelloAlkalizer stick is made with highest Japanese Quality Standards, and the materials used are medical grade with 99.99% of pure Magnesium as an active ingredient. The casing is made of medical grade materials as against the use of metal casing which will act as oxidative catalyst.