Knee Pain, Indigestion, Food Cravings

“After purchasing our Jupiter water purifier five months ago, I have been drinking 3 to 4 liters daily. We found the Bathurst water supply had a consistent pH reading of 7, so we started off on the lower setting, drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8. We then progressed to the higher settings and have been consuming pH 9 ever since.

Prior to Ionized water I had aches and pains in my knees which I suspected to be ligament or cartilage damage after a long sporting life. This eventually dissipated and when I visited my Naturopath yesterday he confirmed, via his computer iridology scan, there was no longer any visual signs of uric acid in the body. It’s great to be able to run up and down stairs again without hindrance. He also showed me the fibers in my eyes controlling my kidneys had improved, and these were more clearly defined, indicating better organ functioning. I advised him my candida had also improved and he confirmed this by showing me that the discolored spots (mucus) around my eyes had lightened since my previous scan.

My wife Rhonda had suffered from indigestion for many years before drinking the alkaline water. Her digestive system has improved and she is no longer dependent upon Bi-Carb Soda or Enos for relief. She has also noticed improvement to her knees (also problems due to sport) and we have both lost about 5k in 5 months, mainly around our waistlines. We found a glass of water quickly suppressed the appetite and stopped us snacking on inappropriate food between meals. The antioxidant water has proved very addictive and it made us crave for more. Rhonda recently commented that we haven’t had the dreaded hay fever this year (first time for 20 years), thus no drugs have been required for relief.

After recently completing a course of external chemotherapy (Efudix) to treat skin cancers, I found the healing process to repair the skin more rapid, after treating my internal system with the alkaline water (antioxidants), and my external body with the acid water (astringent).

We have also been using the acid water on our garden and indoor plants. As the Bathurst climate is very extreme it is difficult to grow azaleas, but the acid water is doing the trick. Our indoor peace lilies have bloomed for the second time in six months, (an annual occurrence only prior to Jupiter watering). The acid water is also proving a good pesticide for the vegie garden, eliminating the use of those nasty chemicals, which previously found their way into our bodies and did untold damage.

We say, God Bless those who help themselves to better health by being water wise(r).”

~ From Bob & Rhonda Henry, Bathurst (Oversea)~

Digestive Problems

The stomach is readily upset both by diseases affecting the stomach and by other general illnesses. In addition, any nervous tension or anxiety frequently causes gastric upset.

The important role of alkaline ionized water in our stomach is to neutralize the secretion and strengthen its functions. Usually, after consuming the alkaline ionized water for 1 to 3 minutes, the gastric juice increases to 1 1/2 times. For those suffering from achlorhydria (low in gastric juice) the presence of alkaline ionized water will stimulate the stomach cells to secrete more gastric juice. This in turn enhances digestion and absorption of minerals.

However, on the other hand, those with hyperchlorhydria (high in gastric juice), the alkaline ionized water neutralizes the excessive gastric juice. Hence, it does not create any adverse reaction.

According to the medical lecturer from Maeba University, the pH of the gastric secretion will still remain normal when alkaline ionized water is consumed. This proves the ability of ionized water to neutralize as well as to stimulate the secretion.

~ From : Prof. Kogure Keizou, Kogure Clinic of Juntendo Hospital~