History of Water Ionizer

The alkaline water ionizer was developed in Japan in the early-1930s, and many experiments were carried out on plants and animals. Alkaline ionized water is produced in the water ionizer by electrically polarizing the filtered water and splitting them into Alkaline ionized water for healthy drinking and Acidic water for beauty and antiseptic uses.

Japanese doctors discovered that this alkaline ionized water was not only beneficial to plants but also for animals. Preliminary trials were carried out in army hospitals on humans. It started a full-scale development in 1954 and it culminated the commercialization of the processors.

The experiments on humans took much longer time and it was a great success. Through these experiments, the Doctors collected much valuable information, and they concluded that alkaline ionized water was non-toxic, and the properties helped to overcome the symptoms of adult diseases.

The first batch of commercial alkaline water ionizers was made available in Japan in 1958. Even then, the water ionizers were large models made more for hospitals and research Institutions.  The market was expanded to Korea in early 1970, and to USA in early 1985.

Many health practitioners have discovered the benefits of alkaline ionized water, and they encourage the population to use alkaline ionized drinking water in place of reverse osmosis or filtered water. The renowned health writer Dr Harvey Diamond has written a chapter on the beneficial effect of the Alkaline ionized water in his health book, “Fit For Life”.

The first batch of alkaline water ionizers was brought into Singapore and Malaysia by Kemp Singapore in 1988.

The next-generation Alkaline Ionized Water Technology

Alkaline water ionizing technology has been evolving from their genesis as simple water electrolysis machines, to the advanced units today such as the Kemp Smart  i7 & i9 water ionizers.

The holy grail of alkaline water ionizer engineers has long been to produce alkaline ionized water that is like the water found in “longevity villages” such as Hunza or Okinawa, where the drinking water is believed to be highly alkaline, with negative ORP and high levels of activated hydrogen.

However, several real-world engineering problems have remained hard to surmount. Water supplies around the world vary in their pH hardness and purity, and last-generation water ionizers lacked the ability to calculate how much ionizing power should be applied to consistently produce optimal “longevity village water” values.

Until Smart Technology came along – Kemp Smart i7 & i9

Kemp Smart i7 & i9 are the first of the next-generation alkaline water ionizers designed to produce water that has consistently high markers of good health, no matter what the water source.

Heralded by alkaline ionized water researchers as a great breakthrough in production technology, Kemp Smart i7 & i9 water ionizers contain several features not seen before on other alkaline water ionizers.

The quest of Kemp Smart i7 & i9 alkaline water ionizer is to obtain refinement of pH, ORP and activated hydrogen water!

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