Kemp Smart i7

New 2nd Generation Smart Alkaline Ionized &
Hydrogen Water Ionizer!

The new 2nd generation Kemp Smart i7 water ionizer is specifically designed for homes in Southeast Asia particularly, Singapore homes. What sets us apart from competitors are our smart features and smart technology. Kemp Smart i7 & Smart i9 are upgraded versions to the well-received and proven MAVELLO & JUPITER water ionizers.


First in the industry – NEW 2nd generation Kemp Smart i7 Alkaline Ionized & Hydrogen Water Ionizer is equipped with 7 mesh New Tec platinum titanium electrode plates that generate millions of nano-minerals and nano-hydrides to give you a constant supply of antioxidants!

The Kemp Smart i7 water ionizer is probably the first in the industry to achieve superior hydrogen rich water!

Kemp Smart i7 is a Water Filter & Ionizer. It purifies water and ionizes it through the electrolysis chamber by removing acidic mineral salts and enhancing it with beneficial Alkaline Ionized minerals and hydrogen for drinking and Acidic Ionized Water for beauty and cleaning uses.

Alkalinity of the alkaline ionized water is contributed by concentration of alkaline mineral ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+ and acidic water is due to concentration of acidic mineral ions such as Cl, SO₄2-, PO₄3- from the water source. Nothing is added.

Retail Price: $3588 W/GST

Medical Device Certification

Kemp Smart i7 Water Ionizer is imported from Korea, tested, and certified by the Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (Product License: 15-927) and manufactured under Medical Device Certification ISO 13485.

The Goodness of Alkaline Ionized Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Uses of Acidic Water

9 Levels of Water Selections with Different pH Levels

alkaline water
alkaline water
alkaline water

How does the Water Ionizer works?

Stage 1 – Filtration

Tap water is first purified and energized through the specially designed KDF 55 ultrafine 0.01 micron purifying process. It removes bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, rust, sediments, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and substances from the source water.

Stage 2 – Ionization

Ionization means gaining or losing an electron. Purified water then passes through the ionization process (electrolysis) to split the minerals into alkaline and acidic. It removes acidic mineral salts and enhances it with beneficial alkaline ionized minerals. The ionization is done through the specially designed mesh platinum-titanium electrode water cell.

The quest of Kemp Smart i7 is to obtain
refinement of pH, -ORP and activated hydrogen water!

The alkaline water ionizing technology has been evolving ever since 1931, from simple water electrolysis machines to complicated machines, with the aim of obtaining refinement of pH, Oxygen Reduction Potential (-ORP), and higher level of activated Hydrogen for the very purpose of providing the body with the much-needed elements and improving health.

Kemp Singapore has once again achieved a new breakthrough with the new Smart technology that produces healthy refined pH, optimum -ORP and enriched with activated Hydrogen water. Check out more on our latest Kemp Smart i7 and Smart i9 series!

Industry First Smart Technology!

Direct Automatic Reversed Cleaning (DARC)

Patented DARC cleaning system reversed the mechanism operation in the background, always cleaning and do not disrupts the flow of alkaline drinking water. Working in tandem with the Auto Adjust, it prevents minerals build up on the electrodes and thus prolongs the lifespan of the water ionizer.


Activates cleaning at all times during ionization to prevent
deposit build-ups, and lengthens the life of the machine.

Patented Mesh-Designed

Watercell plates are tested and certified by TUV PSB Singapore that the base plate is Titanium, coated with Platinum.


Program will automatically default back to selected alkaline hydrogen ionized water level.


Detects and switches to appropriate ionizing energy level, according to varying water sources.


Using the latest technology to adjust ionizing level according to the source water, this ensures a consistent quality of water in pH level, ORP and activated hydrogen.


  • Water Filter & Ionizer
  • Ionized alkaline & hydrogen water
  • 7 Mesh Platinum-Titanium electrode plates (made in Japan)
  • Patented SmartClean DARC, an automatic watercell cleaning system
  • 10 levels of filtration up to 0.01 micron and KDF55 to remove dissolved heavy metals and THM (cancerous trichloromethane)
  • 9 levels of water with different pH selection
  • Touch screen & interactive technology
  • Built-in safe features with auto shut off system

Dimensions    : 27cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 36.5cm (H)
Weight             : 6.5kg
Input Voltage : 120V – 240v


Alkaline Ionized Water Improved My Liver Issue & My Husband’s Gout!

My family wanted to get a water ionizer for the improvement of our overall health. We heard about alkaline ionized water through a Kangen water presentation but machine was very expensive.


Alkaline Ionized Water Improved My Liver Issue & My Husband’s Gout!

My family wanted to get a water ionizer for the improvement of our overall health. We heard about alkaline ionized water through a Kangen water presentation but machine was very expensive.

Product Demo Videos

ORP Test

pH Alkalinity Test

Smaller Water Clusters

Chlorine Test

Dissolved Hydrogen Test

Hydrogen Meter Test


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