Kemp Hydrogen Bottle

Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle, Platinum Titanium Electrode, Rechargeable 1,200mA Lithium-Ion Battery

High-quality Hydrogen:
Uses the most developed commercially proven Electrolysis Technology to generate hydrogen water and maximize hydrogen retention.

Industry Leading Premium Quality Materials:
Platinum Titanium Electrode to expel and separate harmful byproducts like chlorine, ozone, and oxides.

Eco-Friendly EcoZen Bottle:
The water bottle does not contain BPA, BPS, or any other bisphenols. Same material used in infant bottles.

Innovative dry membrane design hydrogen generator inhibits mineral build-up, which produces the purest & cleanest hydrogen water available on the market today!

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 70(D) x 70(W) x 216(H) mm
Weight: 295g
Capcity: 380ml
Materials: Hydrogen Generating Device (Titanium)

What is Hydrogen water?

Water consists of a bond between 2 hydrogens (H2) and an Oxygen atom. How hydrogen rich the water you are drinking depends on the amount of Hydrogen gas (H2) that is dissolved or liberated in your water. Hydrogen only consists of 0.000055% of the air we breathe and 99% of what we consume have little or close to no hydrogen content.

Why does our food/drink have such low hydrogen content?

Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element on the planet. Hydrogen gas is also a colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic gas. Due to its small size, hydrogen escapes rapidly into the air thus, hydrogen water is best consumed when it is freshly produced.

How does Hydrogen work?

Your cells are constantly under attack by free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of energy production which can cause significant damage to body cells and tissues. Antioxidants are required by the body to counteract these free radicals.

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