Hi Gary, would like to update you on some improvements that my family has seen, since using the Mavello water ionizer.


My family has been using the Mavello Alkaline Ionized Water Machine since May 2009 and since then we have discovered how it has benefitted each of the family members. We have been drinking about 2 litres of alkaline water daily and my high blood pressure has stabilized and I am now off medication while my dad’s cholesterol level have dropped to a normal level in Oct 09.

Since having the Mavello, we daily use the alkaline water to boil our soups and do our cooking and we notice that it certainly enhances the taste and at the same time increase the daily intake of the water.


Also, my daughter has serious eczema on both of her hands whereby the skin will peel off during an outbreak. We use acidic water from the Mavello machine to soak her hands daily for 20 mins, sometimes adding some earth salt. After 3 months, there is much improvement and the skin stops peeling though the roughness remains. I guess if she continues to soak her hands, it will soon smooth out the skin.


We also use the acidic water to brush our teeth and gurgle which is effective in getting rid of bad breath. Now the whole family is enjoying the Mavello machine in every way we can!

~ Chang Kwek Hwa ~


“In December 1986 I was introduced to a water ionizer by a friend of mine in Virginia. She told me that the alkaline water from this ionizer would lower my blood pressure if I drank 5 cups of it daily. In those days I was taking 20mg of Vasotec a day to maintain my blood pressure at around 140/90. Vasotec was my third kind of blood pressure pill. The doctor had to change my blood pressure pills twice because of different kinds of side effects. I never liked the idea of having to take any pills for the rest of my life. Thats what the doctor told me when he initially prescribed the blood pressure pills for me. My friend didnt know exactly why the blood pressure would come down except for the fact that she knew it worked for many people. Trusting her sincerity and knowing she was a registered nurse, I bought the ionizer and started to drink high pH alkaline water. As I was drinking the alkaline water I monitored my blood pressure. I reduced the amount of Vasotec gradually as the blood pressure started to come down. After six weeks, I stopped taking Vasotec altogether. My blood pressure came down to 130/85 without my pills. In the meantime, over a period of two years, I lost about 20 pounds without any special diets or exercises. Lately I am noticing that my eyesight is improving.”

~ From Sang Wang, Miami, USA Engineer and author of Reverse Aging” (Oversea) ~


My name is Jack Ong. I am 64 years old now. My daughter introduced me to MAVELLO antioxidant alkaline water. She said that it would help to improve my health and so 2 years ago, she bought me a unit of MAVELLO water ionizer.

In the beginning before I went on the alkaline water, my blood pressure was 150+. After taking the alkaline water my blood pressure dropped to a comfortable level around 130. Initially, I was on medication but the blood pressure did not fall as fast.

Since going on alkaline water, I noticed it helped my blood pressure to drop faster and maintain at a stable rate of over a year. The good results came within 2 months of taking this water regularly. My health is okay now. My blood pressure is still under control although it has crept up a little but it is well below 150. Maybe of late, I have not been taking as much of the alkaline water as I should. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I remain quite energetic, my cholesterol level is under control and generally my health is okay.

Yes, people are more concerned about their health these days and increasing cases of high blood pressure is on the rise in Singapore. As the water has help improved my health, I will gladly recommend the MAVELLO antioxidant water ionizer to my friends and relatives.

~ From Mr. Jack Ong, a Retired Businessman (Singapore) ~


For over 10 years of my experience, my concept toward minerals, especially pertaining to ionic calcium in high blood pressure and other diseases, is most significant.

In accordance to the theory of medical Professor Gato of Kyushu University on Vitamin K (because vitamin K enables the blood calcium to increase), or the consumption of more ionized water, the effectiveness of the increase in the calcium in high blood pressure is most significant. Too many fats in the diets, which lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which in turn constrict the blood flow, cause most illnesses such as high blood pressure.

By drinking ionized water for a period of 2 to 3 months, the blood pressure should slowly drop, because the ionized water is a good solvent, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels.

~ From Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital ( Japan) ~