I would like to record my thanks and say that I have truly benefited from using my JUPITER water ionizer.

My family and I have been users since 2006 and ever since then, I have experienced remarkable benefits!

One significant improvement that I have seen is in my health and stamina. Previously, due to my hectic work schedule and commitments, I was under a lot of stress which resulted in recurring bouts of flu, cough and fever. Not to mention, I always felt tired and fatigued. However, after consuming alkaline ionized water, I noticed that my health has seen dramatic improvements. I rarely see the doctors these days and also I notice that I recover faster after a tiring day at work. In fact, I realised that I’m up and ready to go about my next day when it begins!

Also, I’ve seen how my family has benefited. My son and daughter, 12 and 11 in age claim that they won’t drink any other type of water. Their mental alertness and fortitude has also seen improvement since they started drinking alkaline ionized water 4 years ago, which aids them in their studies and co curricular activities. My eldest son, 13 has benefited from using acidic water as well! There were a few occasions when he suffered from terrible stomachaches and after consuming a glass of acidic water, his condition improved dramatically and he didn’t even need to see a doctor for it.

Many of my friends often ask me, how I keep myself looking so young and full of energy all the time? My secret is simple, drink Jupiter Alkaline ionized water. It has abundant antioxidants and full of minerals!

~ Christie Wong, User since 2006 ~