KempSmart i7 – Your Body’s Immunity Booster!

KempSmart i7 alkaline ionized hydrogen water, containing the most efficient and clean antioxidants that converts reactive superoxides to water without any harmful residues.

Do you know?

KempSmart i7 Water Ionizer is a health enhancement water machine that is medically approved by Korea FDA and manufactured under ISO 13485 medical certification.

What is KempSmart i7 Water Ionizer?

KempSmart i7 Water Ionizer is a 2-in-1 Water Purifier and Ionizer. It filters tap water and then ionizes it through the electrolysis chamber by removing acidic mineral salts and enhancing it with beneficial alkaline ionized minerals and antioxidants. KempSmart i7 alkaline ionized hydrogen water helps to maintain body pH balance and its beneficial ions are effective antioxidants.

How does it work?

Stage 1 – Purification

Tap water is first purified and energized through the specially designed KDF ultrafine 0.01 micron purifying process. It effectively removes bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, rust, sediments, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and substances from the source water.

Stage 2 – Ionization

Ionization means gaining or losing an electron. Purified water then passes through the ionization process (electrolysis) to split the minerals into alkaline and acidic. It removes acidic mineral salts and enhances it with beneficial alkaline ionized minerals. The ionization is done through the specially designed mesh platinum-titanium electrode water cell.

How does it produce Antioxidants?

KempSmart i7 alkaline ionized hydrogen water contains an abundance of negatively charged ions (OH–). In particular, it contains high levels of Calcium (Ca2+), Magnessium (Mg2+), Potassium (K+), and Sodium (Na+) ions.

Secondly, its molecules form micro water clusters that are smaller than those found in tap water. It’s this smaller size that lets the water easily permeate into the body’s cells. There, its negatively charged ions neutralize harmful free radicals. These negatively charged ions (-ORP) convert the body’s acidification to that of mild alkalinity. These actions help build the body’s immune system.

Principle of KempSmart i7 Water Ionizer

alkaline water

KempSmart i7 produces 3 Types of Water

Filter Components and WaterCell

Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd since its inception in 1988 has provided quality water ionizers for its customers. Comprising of a superior water filter system and state of the art ionization technology, Kemp’s water ionizers have been known to last for years.

Its water filter system incorporates calcium minerals to neutralise chemicals and increase mineral content, and its advanced space fibre filter materials for a 0.01M ultrafine filtration that keeps even bacteria out from your drinking water!

KDF 55 ultrafine 0.01 micron filter Designed specifically for removing chlorine and water soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved heavy metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, even with hot water.

Certified by: NSF / ANSI Standard 42 Compliance with California and Safety Code Section 166875

Mesh Plate Technology The ionization component consists of plates that are optimised to a square area of 10 square inches per side of a plate. The base metal is titanium, known for its toughness and 0.57 micron thickness of platinum is coated on top of that. This standard is further backed up through its ISO and GMP standards to ensure that top notch ionization quality is provided to our customers.

Tested by Singapore Test Lab KempSmart i7 watercell plates are tested and certified by TUV PSB Singapore. Certified titanium-platinum plates.

Certification Korea FDA No. 15-927. Medical Device Certification ISO-13485.