Arthritis / Rheumatic

Knee Joins Problem

I told a friend of mine that I regularly suffered pain around my knee joints especially when I did exercises and walked long distances. I have seen a few doctors on this matter. They said it was perhaps due to my weight or age. I was not given any medication.

This same friend of mine told me the benefits of using MAVELLO Antioxidant alkaline water. I thought to myself no harm giving it a try. About 6 to 8 weeks into this water, I discovered that most of the pain was gone. And even at times when the pain returned, it was a lot lesser. I believe MAVELLO Antioxidant alkaline water has been very beneficial to me.

From what I read, scientists and Japanese doctors explained that the build up of acidic wastes around the joints as likely cause of this pain and discomfort that I experienced in my heels. The alkaline ionic water I took acted as a flusher and with it clear my pains and discomfort.

So, I am glad I bought a unit of the MAVELLO antioxidant water ionizer

~ From: Mr. Andrew Ang, a Businessman (Singapore)~


“I wanted to let you know my experience using the Jupiter Melody and alkalizing my body. Prior to getting my Jupiter I had suffered from creeping and debilitating arthritis in both knees. My right knee I could barely bend. Walking had become difficult and running impossible without my knees swelling up. For a man under 50 this was not an exciting prospect.

I had heard about alkaline water from my internet research and decided to give it a go. I purchased the Jupiter about 18 months ago and have not looked back. I drink between 5-6 large glasses a day. I also drastically cut my sugar intake down at the same time as starting drinking alkaline water. Now both my knees function PERFECTLY with no pain. I can walk, run and jump with no adverse reactions.

Needless to say I am a strong advocate of alkalising. Thank you to Ion Life for this great product.” — Mike Logie

“When I started to drink this delicious water 6 years ago, it took about 4 weeks and all my arthritic pains in my thumb, wrists and knee disappeared, to be never heard of since. It helps my digestion and makes me feel clean inside out.” — Ama Kalda, Coorabell, Australia

Mascular Pain/ Rheumatic

“For years I suffered uncomfortable rheumatic muscular aches / pains and digestive problems. After only 3-4 days of drinking alkaline water my muscular endurance improved dramatically. Now 12 months later, I feel 20 years younger and rarely have any problems. Also my digestive problems just disappeared!”

~ From Dr. Eric Fairbank, Naturopath, Australia ~

Relieved From Stiffness, Swelling of Legs & Hands

I came to know the MAVELLO antioxidant alkaline water through my sister. About l to 2 months into the water, I saw my sister had slimmed down quite a lot and since she did not change her diet, she attributed that to the effectiveness of the alkaline water. I too want to shed some pounds. My daughter bought me a unit of MAVELLO antioxidant water ionizer.

To my surprise about a month or two later, I discovered that my problem of waking up each morning with swelling limbs and stiff hands did not trouble me anymore. I have since quit taking any diuretic medication and to this day, over 6 months now, I am still free of medication and the stiffness and swelling did not return.

Beside myself, my husband also saw improvement in our bowel movement. Both of us used to be constipated daily. But 2 weeks into this water, our bowel systems have since been regulated and we are going to the toilet daily. My daughter too was happy that the acidic water has also helped her to clear her acne problems and today she has nice, clear complexion.

~ From Mrs Eileen Cheong, a housewife (Singapore) ~