KEMP SINGAPORE, the Pioneer and Leader in alkaline ionized & hydrogen water, has been dealing with water ionizers in Singapore since 1988, over 33 years…

It all began when Dr C L Yap met Dr M Kawamura, the President of Kyowa Hospital and Prof. Kogure Keisoo of Juntedndo Hospital, where he witnessed the water ionizers being used in every ward of the hospitals and its efficacy and effectiveness were well recorded.


With all these remarkable results, the Ministry of Welfare and Health, Japan approved water ionizers in 1965 as a Medical Device and these was shortly followed by Ministry of Welfare and Health, Korea.


Water ionizers took the Japan market by storm. Headed by the leading companies in Japan such as National, Mitsubishi, Asahi and others, it was an in-thing in Japan where water ionizers were used in households and restaurants.


Kemp Singapore was fortunate to represent the leading brands such as Asahi and Mitsubishi in Singapore and South East Asia.


Kemp Singapore has progressed from strength to strength over the years. Our medically approved facility (ISO 13485) and Research & Development group are constantly developing products with superior functional capabilities such as KempSmart i Water Ionizer, KempSmart H2 Hydrogen Maker and KempSmart iPro, the first tankless hot & cold water ionizer in the industry.


Over the years, our facility and company has received numerous outstanding awards and accreditations including Emperor Award (Japan), President Award (Korea) and CASE Trust, Business Trust and Consumer Trust and Excellent Service Award (Singapore).


Throughout our 33 years in Singapore and South East Asia, our wide spectrum of clientele range from households, MNCs, GLCs, clinics to health and medical professionals and continues to grow as more people understand the health benefits of alkaline ionized & hydrogen water.

Accreditation & Awards

With our customers’ support over the years, we have since grown to become a reputable and distinguished Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer provider offering excellent knowledge, outstanding service support and superior quality products. KEMP SINGAPORE is the ONLY WATER COMPANY in Singapore that has received numerous Awards and Accreditations – for Good and Ethical business practices from CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) and also EXCELLENT SERVICE AWARD from Springs Singapore/Singapore Retailer Association. This includes: Consumer Trust, Business Trust, Singapore Service Star, Singapore Health Award.

The water ionizers marketed by KEMP SINGAPORE are constantly improvised with newer technologies to give consumers better performing products. All the water ionizers and filters have been stringently tested and conform to international standards including ISO, CE, UL and NSF Standards and are certified as medical apparatus by Korea FDA.

The NewTec watercell electrodes in the water ionizers are Made in Japan with platinum and titanium, tested and certified by PSB TUV Singapore.

Our Reputation rests with YOUR Satisfaction!

At Kemp Singapore, we are committed to delivering the best water ionizers at affordable prices to every home through:

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Kemp Singapore carries a wide range of water ionizers that suit individual preference and budget, ranging from counter top to undersink and hot and cold machines.

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