Hot & Cold (Counter Top)
Pure Hydrogen Water Dispenser

Powered by the latest USA made Proton Exchange
Membrane (PEM)

NOW  $2288 W/GST

Retail Price  $3088 W/GST

User-Friendly Features

The KempSmart H₂ system is designed for ease of operation and the safety of you and your family in mind.
  • Ultrafine membrane filter Filters out bacteria, soluble organic and inorganic matter, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes to create pure and fresh water.
  • Proton exchange membrane KempSmart H₂ utilises US made cutting edge PEM technology to extract clean, fresh hydrogen from water.
  • Automatic self-cleaning Keeps the PEM efficient and free from impurities.
  • Hot lock function to prevent accidental dispensing of hot water
  • Energy saving standby mode
  • Auto shutoff when leaks are detected
  • Overheat sensor
  • Leak detection technology